The 2018 Ballot in Benzie County

Declared 2018 Candidates

Here’s an up-to-date list of Democratic candidates who will appear on the 2018 primary or general election ballots in Benzie County. Please note: July 9 is the last day to register for primary; October 9 is the last day to register for November 6 general election.


U.S. Senate
Incumbent Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow is running for a fourth term.

U.S. House, District 1
Matthew Morgan has been endorsed by the Benzie Dems to run against incumbent Republican Representative Jack Bergman. Dwight Brady, a second Democratic candidate has withdrawn from the race.


The governor’s chair is open, and Democrats will choose from among these four candidates in the Aug. 7 primary to run against the Republican nominee on Nov. 6.

Bill Cobbs, businessman.
Abdul El-Sayed, former director of the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion.
Shri Thanedar, businessman.
Gretchen Whitmer, former Ingham County Prosecutor; former state senate minority leader.

Michigan Attorney General
The current Republican AG is running for governor. Dana Nessel was selected as a candidate at the state party's April nominating convention.

Michigan Secretary of State
Jocelyn Benson is the Democratic candidate.

State Senate, District 35
Republican Darwin Booher is term-limited. Two Democrats have announced:

Mike Taillard (Benzie County resident) has been endorsed by the Benzie County Democratic Party.
Cary Urka (Manistee County resident)

State House, District 101
This seat is now open, since Rep. VanderWall has declared for the 35th District Senate seat.

Kathy Wiejaczka (wy-jes-ka) of Leelanau County, an educator and nurse.
Ed Hoogterp of Benzie County.

State Supreme Court

Megan Cavanagh and  Sam Bagenstos were endorsed at the Democrat's April convention.

University Boards

Benzie County Commissioners
There are seven county commission districts. Five Democrats are running. Here are the districts:

District I (Almira Township, East of Reynolds Rd.):
District II (Almira Township, West of Reynolds Rd., Lake and Platte townships): Democrat Mark Willette Green.
District III (City of Frankfort and Crystal Lake Township): Democrat Linda Farrell.
District IV (Benzonia Township): Democrat Coury Carland is running for reelection.
District V (Homestead Township): Democrat Jeff Sandman.
District VI (Colfax and Inland townships):
District VII (Blaine, Gilmore, Joyfield, and Weldon townships): Democrat Don Smeltzer.

Road Commission

Democratic Precinct Delegates
There are a lot of vacancies for delegates. Contact Carroll Volpe if you're interested.

Candidates for precinct delegates will file Affidavits of Identity for the August 7 primary by 4 p.m., May 8, 2018, at the Benzie County Clerk’s Office.