The 2018 Ballot in Benzie County

These Democratic candidates will appear on the general election ballot. October 9 was the last day to register for November 6 general election.


U.S. Senate
Senator Debbie Stabenow is running for a fourth term.

U.S. House, District 1
Matt Morgan will appear on the ballot following a successful primary write-in campaign.

Statewide Michigan Ballot Proposals

Proposal 1, Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2018)

A “yes” vote supports legalizing the recreational use and possession of marijuana and related products  for persons 21 years of age or older, regulating the drug like alcohol, and enacting a tax on marijuana sales.

Proposal 2, The Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission Initiative (constitutional amendment)

A “yes” vote supports transferring the power to draw the state’s congressional and legislative districts from the Michigan State Legislature to an independent redistricting commission. The goal is to end partisan gerrymandering of these districts so people are more faily represented.

Proposal 3, the “Promote the Vote” constitutional amendment
A “yes vote would support allowing a United States citizen who is qualified to vote in Michigan to:

  • Become automatically registered to vote when applying for, updating or renewing a driver’s license or state-issued personal identification card, unless the person declines.
  • Simultaneously register to vote with proof of residency and obtain a ballot during the 2-week period prior to an election, up to and including Election Day.
  • Obtain an absent voter ballot without providing a reason.
  • Cast a straight-ticket vote for all candidates of a particular political party when voting in a partisan general election.
State Offices

Governor: Gretchen Whitmer 
Lieutenant Governor: Garlin Gilchrist

Michigan Attorney General: Dana Nessel

Michigan Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson

State Senate, District 35: Mike Taillard

State House, District 101: Kathy Wiejaczka (wy-jes-ka)

State Supreme Court (nonpartisan election)
Democrats have endorsed:
Sam Bagenstos
Megan Cavanagh

Benzie County Commission

There are seven county commission districts. Five Democrats are running. Here are the districts:

District I (Almira Township, East of Reynolds Rd.): no Democrat candidate.

District II (Almira Township, West of Reynolds Rd., Lake and Platte townships): Mark Willette Green. Mark Willette-Green for Benzie Commissioner – Home Facebook

District III (City of Frankfort and Crystal Lake Township): Linda Farrell
Linda Farrell for Benzie County – Home | Facebook

District IV (Benzonia Township): Coury Carland.

District V (Homestead Township): Jeff Sandman.
Vote Sandman – Jeffery Sandman for County Commissioner – Facebook

District VI (Colfax and Inland townships): no Democrat candidate.

District VII (Blaine, Gilmore, Joyfield, and Weldon townships): Don Smeltzer.

County Road Commission

Charles Brozofsky

Education Boards

Benzie Central School Board
Lori Hill

State Board of Education
Judy Pritchett
Tiffany Tilley

UM Board of Regents
Jordan Acker
Paul Brown

MSU Board of Trustees
Brianna Scott
Kelly Tebay

WSU Board of Governors
Bryan Barnhill
Dr. Anil Kumar