Executive Committee

(Members elected by our Precinct Delegates at the Fall Convention (Nov. 2016) to serve until the 2018 convention.)

Tim Bannister: 248-770-3660, htbannister2@gmail.com

Jason Barnard: 231-631-3967, jasonarthur333@yahoo.com

John Beeman: 231-640-2494,  schr00mhunter@aol.com

Pete Brown: 231-383-4336, 19pjbr49@gmail.com

Kay Boyne-Mead: 231-313-8200, kayboyne@yahoo.com

Coury Carland: 989-621-4832 carland82@gmail.com

John Chahbazi: 810-487-0393, chahbazi@umich.edu

Phyllis Crowell V.H:  231-383-4030, phylliscrowell@usa.net

Jim Dulzo: 231-882-1341, jimdulzo@gmail.com

Doreen Fitzgerald: 231-352-7876, dodie.fitz@gmail.com

Elizabeth Guzman-Shrake: 231-871-0088, gselizabeth@esbgenterprises.com

Lori Hill: 231-944-3594, benziedemsecretary@gmail.com

Jill Kimball: 231-632-5817, sunnyjill@hotmail.com

Susan Koenig: 231-882-5722, koenigesl@gmail.com

Bruce Ogilvie: 231-352-6223, glengerrick@gmail.com

Mary Robling: 231-399-0365, marylottie@gmail.com

Mike Ross: 231-651-0604, mike.ross0919@gmail.com

Mary Scholl: 231-342-3364, mascholl@charter.net

Marcia Stobie: 231-352-6121, tmstobie@yahoo.com

Steve Thompson: 231-882-4496, BenzieCountyNORML@yahoo.com

Diane Wilbur: 231-944-2666, dwibur46@gmail.com
(in Arizona from Dec thru April each year)

Gerald Wilgus: 882-9554, wilgusg@gmail.com

Note: Democratic candidates in a general election are automatic members of the Committee for two years. The other members are elected by our precinct delegates. 


Committees & Committee Chairs

From article VII, section 1
1. Rules and bylaws committee
Mary Robling, 231-882-9750, marylottie@gmail.com
Carroll Volpe 231-709-6053; mcarrollvolpe@gmail.com

2. Finance/ Fundraising
Judy Baker: 231-275-0363 cell: 231-313-7087; judealou@hotmail.com
Diane Wilbur: 231-944-2666, dwibur46@gmail.com

3. Communications / public relations committee
Jim Dulzo: 231-882-1341, jimdulzo@gmail.com
Jill Kimball: 231-275-5871, sunnyjill@hotmail.com
Doreen Fitzgerald: 231-352-7876, dodie.fitz@gmail.com
Facebook: Aubrey Ann Parker, aubreyannparker@gmail.com

4. Campaign/ candidate recruitment committee
Mike Ross 231-651-0604; mike.ross0919@gmail.com

5. Membership committee
Mary Scholl: 231-342-3364, mascholl@charter.net

6. Issues and action committee
Mary Robling: marylottie@gmail.com