County Commissioners

 The Benzie County Board of Commissioners is the governing body for the County of Benzie, exercising legislative and administrative functions. There are seven members on the Board, each elected on a partisan basis for two-year terms (January 1 to December 31) from districts that are approximately equal in population. Board Leadership is elected each year by the Board and consists of a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson.
The primary functions of the Board of Commissioners include determination of type and level of county services, adoption of county budget, equalization of property values, legislative oversight of services provided by Benzie County, and appointment of various commissions and advisory boards.



Areas Represented Commissioner Contact Information
I Almira Township
East of Reynolds Road
Bob Roelofs-R PO Box 81
Lake Ann, MI  49650
231-645-1187  Email Bob
II Almira Township
West of Reynolds Road
Lake Township
Platte Township
Art Jeannot-R PO Box 317
Honor, MI 49640
231-920-5028  Email Art
III City of Frankfort
Crystal Lake Township
Roger Griner-R 316 Michigan Avenue
Frankfort, MI 49635
IV Benzonia Township Coury Carland-D P.O. Box 555
Beulah, MI 49617
231-930-7560  Email Coury
V Homestead Township Frank
P.O. Box 7
Honor, MI 49640
231-325-2964  Email Frank
VI Colfax Township
Inland Township
Evan Warsecke-R 448 Court Place
Beulah, MI 49617
231-275-3375  Email Evan
VII Blaine Township
Gilmore Township
Joyfield Township
Weldon Township
Gary Sauer-R 4558 Mick Road
Frankfort, MI 49635
(231) 651-0647  Email Gary

Districts and Townships Maps
See the Commisioner Districts map below and the “Areas Represented” column in the table above to see the townships covered by each district.


Current Benzie County Commisioner Districts

Benzie District Map