Important March 17 Meeting – Candidate Guests

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks
that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go!

Another Dem is running for the Michigan Senate’s 35th District seat, which is now open: Benzie’s Mike Taillard, a retired Army veteran, widely published economist, husband, and father (his wife’s a vet, too) in Homestead Township. We’ll pump paws with Mike at our March 17 meeting and also introduce a few more of our neighbors running for Benzie’s county commission. So please circle March 17 and come out to our Benzie Dems Headquarters. Help build our part of a big, utterly necessary, state and national Blue Wave. Grassroots is the main thing and that’s what this is! Both Mike Taillard and Kathy Wiejaczka, of Empire, who’s running for Kurt VanderWall’s 101st House District seat are seeking staff. If you might want to help with either of these important and increasingly winnable races, contact Mike here, or Kathy here .