Precinct Delegates: Grass Roots Organization & Development

The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country and all voters in a precinct vote at one location. Benzie County has 13 precincts, all of which correspond with townships, except for the City of Frankfort. Each precinct can have at least one delegate; the number allotted is based on past Democratic voting strength; right now it’s 85 countywide. Democrat delegates are elected every two years in the August primary by the Democrat voters of each precinct. We have unfilled delegate positions, and it often takes just one vote to win. If you live in an underrepresented or unrepresented township, please consider participating as a delegate.

Benzie County Democratic Party Precinct Delegates Elected in 2018 for 2019-2020

Almira Township (15 allocated)

Judy Baker: 231.275.0363,
Keira Duvernoy: 231.313.2080,
Jill Kimball: 231.275.0363,
Mark Willette-Green: 231.313.5182,

Benzonia Township (15 allocated)

Phyllis Crowell-Van Hammen: 231.651.9105, 
Nancy Kasperzak: 231.383.0377,
Mike Ross: 231.651.0604,
Barbara K. Skurdall:  231.645-9594,
Steve Thompson: 231.882.4496, BenzieCounty

Blaine Township (3 allocated)

Colfax Township (2 allocated)

Crystal Lake Township (8 allocated)

Doreen Fitzgerald: 231. 352.7876,
Elizabeth Shrake: 231.871.0088,

Frankfort (city of, 8 allocated)

Nancy Adadow Gray: 231. 395.0104,
Mary Robling: 231.399.0365,

Gilmore Township (5 allocated)

Homestead Township (8 allocated)

Judith Bosma: 231.325.7789,
Annie Browning: 734.678.6062,

Inland Township (8 allocated)
John Beeman:  231.640.2494, 
Jeanne Peters: Contact information needed

Joyfield Township (3 allocated)

Lake Township (6 allocated)
John Chahbazi: 810.487.0393,
Susan Koenig: 231.882.5722,

Platte Township (2 allocated)

Robb Bollenberg: 231.510.2213 
Jeanne Strathman: (no phone info),

Weldon Township (2 allocated)


The role of a precinct delegate is one of the most important yet least understood of any elected office. Delegates elect party leaders and can be the campaign leaders for the party in their precincts. They serve as a bridge between precinct voters and the party. After the primary, those elected are notified by the county clerk by mail. The notification includes the time and place of our county Democratic convention, which is in August after the primary. Delegates convene in the convention to elect a new executive committee or board, which then elects party officers to serve through the next general election.

Precinct Delegates help Democrats register to vote, take information on issues and candidates to precinct voters, identify other Democrats, and recruit new party members, and help turn out the Democratic vote in their precinct on election day. They also inform Democratic leaders about the issues that concern their voters. Active delegates make calls, knock on doors, or mail information. They may have precinct gatherings—whatever works best to stay in touch with precinct voters.

 Checklist to Become a Precinct Delegate

  1. Obtain a precinct map from the county, city or township clerk’s office.
  2. Find out the number of Democratic precinct delegate positions in your precinct.
  3. To get on the ballot, file your notarized “Affidavit of Identity-Precinct Delegate” form by the spring deadline (May 3 in 2016).
  4. Get involved in your local Democratic Party Immediately. Go to meetings. Keep the Party informed about what your neighbors are talking about and keep your neighbors informed about what elected Democrats are doing for them.

The Democratic Party is here to help. Let us know if you need information or assistance.