City of Frankfort Council Meeting Reports

November 21, 2023 — City of Frankfort Council Meeting

City of Frankfort City Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5 pm at 412 Main Street, Frankfort MI 49635

Call Meeting to Order: 5:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Lozosowki, Carrella, Charters, Holwerda, Olsen, Stratton, Mills, Cederholm, Spence (absent)

Opening Nominations for Mayor

Joann Holwerda nominated and seconded

Closing of Nominations

Roll Call

Swearing in of Mayor Holwerda

Opening Nominations for Mayor-Pro Tem

Brady Olsen nominated and seconded

Closing of Nominations

Roll Call

Swearing in of Mayor-Pro Tem Olsen

Request to Appear Before Council: None

Public Input (3 minutes): None


Frankfort Elberta Chamber of Commerce – Thank you regarding Fall Fest.

State Senator Jon Bumstead – Congratulations on Transportation Development Fund Grant.

Frankfort Area Community Land Trust – Thank you for sponsorship of Housing North Summit fees.

Approval of Minutes:

Regular Council Meeting – 10/17/2023: motion and second. Approved

Special Council Meeting – 10/31/2023: motion and second. Approved as amended. The time of the meeting was incorrect

Public Hearing / Special Council Meeting – 11/2/2023: do not have these minutes at this time.

Approval of Bills: motion and second : Approved.

Council Member Reports: (* indicates chair/council representation)


Public Safety, * Finance, did not meet ; Recreation Board: meeting in December * Grant Committee, Will not meet until grants out there are resolved. * Tree Board: Board went over long term planning and discussed things we should stop doing. Stopping poster contest and going back to the old format where they would ask one person to submit a poster. Mr. Mills is assisting with tree maintenance information by using tree form packets. Applied for DTE grant to help with a project between Leelanau and Corning on the east side off M22. The DNR grant submitted for $11, 300. Talking about raised beds in the tree nursery and doing bare root. * DDA : talked about more winter marketing. Holiday displays are up. There are new garland and the white snowflakes.

Short term rental meeting:

Need to amend a few things on STR per the attorney. Instead of an application there will be a permit included and the fire chief will inspect things like CO detectors, escape egress, fire extinguishers.


* Public Safety, did not meet. * Recreation Board, met with animal welfare league to talk about dog park. The League will donate money for dog park on Main street by boat launch. Ruth Eakin Dog Park will be the name. We are still working on Bellows Park and rest room, kayak launch and new dock. * Airport Authority, A lot of meetings and some in closed session. Litigation between Frankfort and Pines. Coury Carland is re-appointed as Chair of Airport Board. Executive Director retiring at end of year and we are seeking a new airport administrator. Operations have slowed down in the cooler weather. Approached by an individual who wants to build a 10,000 sq ft hangar and lease as private enterprise. All the proper paper work needs to be submitted. Marina Authority


Personnel, *Water & Sewer/Solid Waste, not meet Fire Advisory, *Marina Authority, * Housing Commission


Looking at live streaming for city meetings. They looked at the school board and how they did it and it is simple. Josh is looking into this and it is looking to be $1500. On line meetings will help with transparency. Recommended to stream committee meeting also.

Commissioner Karen Cunningham’s Report:

(Full agenda and minutes can be found at :

Dr. Mark Kuiper reappointed to the BLD Health Committee.

Headlee Amendment:

County asking that the communities submit a resolution to allow it on the ballot. Northern Michigan College has scheduled four open houses to discuss including Benzie County to the college district. The listening sessions are as follows:

Monday, December 4th – 7:00pm – Frankfort, City Hall

Tuesday, December 5th – 10:00am – Benzonia, Mills Community House

Thursday, December 7th – 3:00pm – Honor, The Gathering Place

Saturday, December 9th – 10:00am – Lake Ann, United Methodist Church Community Center.

The Maples has approved a new director. (former interim director).

Department Reports:

Clerk/Treasurer Christine Ward Spence: (absent)

Superintendent Joshua J. Mills:

Got sidewalk bids in Oct for throughout the city. Will start in the spring. Endowment will pay for the Second Ave sidewalks. Equipment up for sale and sealed bids due Nov 29. Crew taking care of leaves and plan to be finished tomorrow. Focus will shift to holiday displays. Lights in the trees next Monday. Dec 2 is tree lighting ceremony. Prepared for winter. Flushed water system out. Cleaned out valves.

Police Chief Robert Lozowski: Increased number of trunker treaters this year which was great.

Fire Chief Michael Cederholm: Appreciate community support of millage

Old Business: None

New Business:

Council Meeting Dates & Times for December 2023 thru November 2025 Spence : 3rd Tuesday at 5 pm; Motion made and seconded: Approved by roll call

Planning Commission Appointment:

Mayor: Anna Luther appointed to complete the open vacancy > Expires April 4, 2026. Roll call vote only.

Motorola Communications Tower:

Mills : Location of the tower near the DPW site ( 100 MGHZ) 40 x 60 site. Motion to approve proposed drawing. Seconded. Approved by roll call.

Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Frankfort Fire Department and the Maples of Benzie County .

Cederholm : MOU water tank at Maple. If there was a lack of water, FD would replenish the water tank. Motion to approve MOU. Seconded. Approved

Resolution No. 11.21 of 2023:

Guidelines for 2024 Poverty Exemption – Spence : required every year to adopt these guidelines by the state. Motion to adopt ; seconded. Roll call approval.

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Grant:

Mills is requesting grant for educational/municipal projects. Pickleball group asked if city would submit a grant for them. Two requests… pickleball (up to $55K) and one for the recycled bottle mobi mat by the bath to the shore for wheelchair access.  Motion made and seconded. Approved by roll call.

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Grant:

Lozowski: Requesting grant for speed indicators signs and deployed in summer months to slow traffic. Can be moved around. Motion made and seconded. Approved by roll call.

MDOT: B Resolution for Funding:

Mills: Awarded grant from MDOT. Motion made and seconded. Approved by roll call.

Public Input: (3 minutes)


Pickleball grant and mobi mat. Question: if you get the money, can the city put the pickleball in within the year? Mills says they can ask for extension and the tribe is good to work with.


Karen Cunningham: Encourage board to do the streaming of the meetings. It helps with transparency and accountability.

Adjournment: 6:32 pm

For a more efficient and orderly city council meeting, please review the following:

If you would like to Request to Appear before the city council, we ask that you please submit in writing to the city clerk/treasurer no later than the second Wednesday by noon. Please provide a brief narrative and the clerk/treasurer will confirm your request.

If you would like to submit correspondence, please do so in writing to the city clerk/treasurer no later than the second Wednesday by noon. Please note, a summary of the correspondence will be read into the minutes.

While the meeting is in session, please do not join the conversation unless asked to do so. There is an opportunity to address the board during Public Input at the beginning and at the end of all regular meetings and at the end of all special meetings.

When choosing to speak in Public Input, please raise your hand. You will be called upon by the mayor. Please clearly state your name and address, even if you live outside the city limits. There is a three-minute time limit for all public input.

Board Response:

The board will not comment or respond to presenters in public input. Silence or no-response from the board should not be interpreted as disinterest or disagreement of the board. Upon approval of the mayor, a board member may individually or collectively wish to address the comment of the speaker (s); however, the presenter may be referred to the appropriate committee.

Personal attacks or foul language from the board or the public will not be allowed and considered out of order. Please choose to manage issues outside this public meeting.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and interest in attending this Frankfort City Council Meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Taylor

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July 18, 2023 — Frankfort City Council Meeting

City of Frankfort City Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5 pm at 412 Main Street, Frankfort MI 49635

Call Meeting to Order 5:00 pm by Mayor Holwerda

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Major JoAnn Holwerda, Brady Olsen, Mary Ann Short-(excused), MacKenzie Stratton, Major Pro-tem Daniel Walenta.

Also present: Fire Chief Mike Cederholm, City Clerk/ Treasurer Christine Spence, Police Chief Robert Lozowski, and City Superintendent Mike Mills

Request to Appear Before Council:
Rebecca Hubers, Benzie County EMS Coordinator :
Regarding the 800 mgz Communications Tower:
Current tower doesn’t work well in Frankfort due to topography. Repeater system installed but just a band aid. Tried to fix the repeater system. Some power failures, constantly having to reset. 911 advisory board asked her to find a solution. Either fix the band aid or find a way to connect to state system via a tower. 2.2M was approved by State to help with the tower project. Benzie County has some ARPA funds ($ approximately $300) for project also. Lake County gave a portion from their ARPA and general fund ($100k) for the project. The project will cost more than 2.2M. Motorola will build the tower. She has found that the fire hall is the best location with 90% coverage. If the Council doesn’t grant the firehall location, she doesn’t know where else she could put the tower. She would like someone from the City to be involved in the process, if the fire hall is approved. Rebecca is asking for approval to put the tower at the Fire Hall. The tower will help the first responders to get calls. She is not sure the height of tower as still waiting for specs-hopefully 80 ft or less. Some council members to meet tomorrow with Ms. Huber and Motorola on this project.

County Executive:
Fiber for the tower has to run from Benzonia to Frankfort (The Middle Mile),
$350M was the estimate without the numbers being run. If the tower comes in at 2.2M, there will be $400=450k to put toward running the fiber into Frankfort. Will learn more information at tomorrow’s meeting with Motorola.

Public Input – (3 minutes):
Recycling closed off today. Why? Mr. Mills said severe issue with recycling center. Was only meant to be short term and now has turned into 5-6 years. The cardboard trailers at school are gone now and that load of cardboard goes into the recycling. Recycling only emptied M, W, F. People abusing the recycling with leaving things like mattresses etc.. So the City closes it when full. City looking to put cameras in to issue citations. Working with the county to come up with solution.

Thanked Mr. Mills for helping out with his issue last week. Any update on property bought by builder on Pine Lane? Mr. Mills says the builder still plans on building homes but he will circle back for a timeline. Mr. Mills understands they are mostly single family homes.

Can we hear some information on the last water report and any update on sewer system being done? Mr. Mills said he would cover that in his report.

Correspondence with Charter Communications:
Two letters regarding updating charges and presenting new channels. Information on updated charges are on the City of Frankfort website.

Approval of Minutes
6/20/20/23 -Regular Council Meeting: Approved
6/26/23- Special Meeting/ Public Safety Meeting: Approved

Approval of Bills: Approved

Council Member Reports:
* indicates chair/council representation at various meetings

Public Safety, * Finance, to be rescheduled. Recreation Board, * Grant Committee, no meeting* Tree Board, met over on M22 to discuss layout of trees and sidewalk changes. Got an estimate of $25K approximate to do that work. * DDA no meeting in July

* Public Safety, joint with council on June 27 to approve incident action plan for Fourth of July. Everything went smoothly with 4th. * Recreation Board, met July 3 and discussed ongoing projects like Bellows Park bathroom. Still moving forward with that. Dog Park looks like it may be coming more quickly than thought. Have a donor to finish the dog park. Getting pricing on fencing and irrigation. Discussed pickle ball.. they now have a qr code to raise money and have raised quite a bit. * Airport Authority, met June22 – tree free end of the runway is completed except for minor landscaping. Gliders are in town and flying around. Marina Authority

* Personnel, Finance, * Planning Commission, * Fire Advisory

Personnel, *Water & Sewer/Solid Waste, Fire Advisory, *Marina Authority, * Housing

Commissioner Reports :
Have two families approved for the houses on grove Street. ($205,000).

Water & Sewer/Solid Waste, Airport Authority, *BLUA: nothing to report

Commissioner’s Report: Karen Cunningham:
Department Reports On line at: Please see reports at this link:

Old Business: None

New Business
Communications and & IT Service Provider:

Christine Spence City Clerk/Treasurer:
Looking for a different provider because staff and police department not happy.
Current company out of TC and has response issues. The City would save about $127 per month with a local provider who currently provides the marina with service and cameras in town. motion: Approved

Joshua Mills:
Regarding Article 8 – Attainable Workforce Housing:
Will allow more dense development in certain areas of the city to get attainable workforce housing. Motion: Approved

Christine Spence:
Put forth a Resolution 0718 of 2023 to increase the Fire Millage on the November 2023 Ballot –Increase by a mill. For equipment, space and to build reserves. Motion: Approved

Regarding Verizon Cell phone tower lease. Verizon wants to modify current lease to reduce the revenue to the city by $6,200 annually. Mills would like permission to negotiate with Verizon and find out why Verizon wants to reduce the lease. Motion: To allow attorney and Mills to negotiate on behalf of city. Motion: Approved

Mike Cederholm:
Leary Firefighters Foundation Grant:
Application for a $16,500 grant for gear for three firefighters. This grant does not require a match. Motion: Approved

Legal Services Agreement with Olsen, Bzdok and Howard:
Christine Spence made a motion to increase their rate from $185 to $200 per hour. Motion: Approved for 1 year

Public Input: (3 minutes) None

Adjournment 7 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Taylor

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June 20, 2023 — Frankfort City Council Meeting

City of Frankfort City Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5 pm at 412 Main Street, Frankfort MI 49635

Call Meeting to Order: 5 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Present: Mayor Joanna Howerda, Mary Ann Short, Brady Olsen, Mckenzie Stratton, Mayor Pro-Tem Daniel Walenta,

Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Christine Spence, Fire Chief Mike Cederholm, Superintendent Josh Mills, Police Chief Robert Lozowski

Request to Appear Before Council – None

Public Input – (3 minutes)
Frankfort Pickleball Group wants to get commitment from city to raise money for their group. Need two pickleball courts and two others resurfaced.

Resident: 1498 Watervale Rd- 83 year old who supports pickleball
Ms. Myers supports pickleball courts, will promote fundraisers to put money back to city.
Resident: spoke regarding pickleball. Also spoke to article 8 for more workforce housing in Frankfort.

Arbor Day Foundation: Named Frankfort a 2022 Tree City USA

Approval of Minutes: May 18 and May 24, June 8, June 12. Approved

Approval of Bills: $300,000 worth of bills approved. Regular monthly bills ($241,000) approved

Council Member Reports: (* indicates chair/council representation)

Mayor Holwerda:
Public Safety, * Finance (committee does not recommend use of building as requested), Recreation Board, * Grant Committee, * Tree Board (discussion on watering, more water bags done, more trees planted, more trees proposed for the FA schools), * DDA

Brady Olsen:
* Public Safety (did not meet),
* Recreation Board (met June 12 about pickleball projects at Bellows Park and looking at dog park,
* Airport Authority (met 1st Monday in May, trees being planned),
Marina Authority

Mary Ann Short:
* Personnel (hired new person), Finance, * Planning Commission, * Fire Advisory

McKenzie Stratton:
Personnel, *Water & Sewer/Solid Waste (met to discuss rates), Fire Advisory, *Marina Authority, * Housing (four families moving into new area, looking at doing more when area is renovated on east end of town based on State housing adjustments, Maintaining existing meeting schedule)

Pro Tem Daniel Walenta:
Water & Sewer/Solid Waste, Airport Authority, *BLUA (no new calls about smells, any new smells result of trucks moving waste, some new trees are planned)

Commissioner’s Report: Karen Cunningham. See report on website:

Networks NW completed a study for a county parks director. Looking for someone to coordinate events and research grants for parks.
Proposed “child in workplace” prospective, looking at other areas trying to use this as a benefit.
Broadband meeting will happen next week. Who’s on the map? Is it a monopoly?
Betsie Lighthouse needs a treasurer.
Kinship coalition wants a liaison to work with other agencies.

Department Reports: Full Reports at:

Clerk/Treasurer Christine Spence:
Thanked staff. She has hired new deputy treasurer and there is a new hire in DPW. There are three vacancies for City Council in November election. Office will be closed July.

Superintendent Josh Mills:
There is a new hire in DPW. Received grant for beach bathroom and grant for Bellows Park bathroom. $1.4 m for pier wall improvements and repairs. Looking at pickleball and dog park improvements. Tug boat company looking to city to use it as part of historic plan. Conversations to ensue and wondering about the tug being donated. DEA may need to weight in. Sod and irrigation completed at Fr. Marquette Park. Pathways and gardens being planned as part of the donor’s request. Roof repair completed on fountain. Capital improvements ongoing: sidewalks along M-22 corridor. Rural readiness grant is still being prepared.

Police Chief Lozowski:
Incident action report sent to council members. Radio tower area won’t work so more discussion needed.

Fire Chief Cederholm:
School to work program being paid for by Michigan Works! Chief wants more cadets if possible. Two applicants for fire department. Pet care awareness is ongoing this month.
Outdoor safety should be followed for fireworks and sparklers. Water source required at ring fires during red flag alert. Advise a check on neighbors during high heat.
Short term rental inspections: Some have no evacuation plans, no self checkoff lists, wrong fire extinguishers, house numbers not visible. Fire Department did a lot of other activities with schools.

Old Business – None

New Business

ZBA Construction Board of Appeals Appointment :
Mayor Holwerda reported that three people were appointed to board of appeals: APPROVED

Water & Sewer Rates:
Superintendent Josh Mills is recommending addition increase of 3% per year for next three years: APPROVED

Schedule of Fees:
Clerk/Treasurer Christine Spence is modifying city fees, effective July1 APPROVED

Attainable Workforce Housing Introduction:
Superintendent Josh Mills Article 8: APPROVED

Mary Haan requested for ARPA Funds for laundromat:
Mayor Holwerda and Finance committee recommends denying: DENIED

Proclamation for Rory O’Grady – Josh Mills, Superintendent
O:\COFAPS\DATA\CWARD\AGENDA\2023\06.20.23 Agenda.doc: APPROVED

Proclamation for Archibald Jones:
Josh Mills, Superintendent reported that is the 150th anniversary of the Crystal Lake lowering. September 3rd or 4th there will be a dedication in Beulah to honor Archibald Jones: APPROVED

Public Input – (3 minutes)
Resident: More support for Pickleball

Adjournment- 6:17pm

Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Taylor

ALL CITY OF FRANKFORT POSITIONS WILL BE UP FOR ELECTION NEXT YEAR!!!! We need Dem-friendly folks to run for office. Interested? Email us at: [email protected] We have people that can help and support you through every step of the process!

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May 16, 2023 — Frankfort City Council Meeting

City of Frankfort City Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5 pm at 412 Main Street, Frankfort MI 49635

Meeting Call to Order at 5:10 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Present: Mayor Joanna Howerda, Mary Ann Short, Brady Olsen, Mckenzie Stratton, Mayor Pro-Tem Daniel Walenta,

Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Christine Spence, Fire Chief Mike Cederholm, Superintendent Josh Mills, Police Chief Robert Lozowski

Amendment to the Agenda: G. Platted Alleyway

Request to Appear before Council:

Stacy Pasche from the Benzie Shores District Library:
First full year in renovated area. They are not seeing the number of visitors they saw pre COVID. Summer reading returns in June. Budget hearing on May 17, 2023 at 9 am. The west side of building will have a new garden. Two new meeting spaces added with renovation to seat 8 people. Currently no reservations; first come first serve.

Mary Haan:
(Laundromat in town) A Request for ARPA Funds: COVID had a negative impact on Haan family business. The laundromat interfaces with Paul Oliver to provide clean laundry and services many people who use the laundry mat because they don’t have a washer and dryer. Haan feels the laundromat met a public health problem. She is asking for $28,449.16 in ARPA funds to replace some machines.
Ms Short asked if there was any precedent for laundromats getting ARPA funds.. Mayor Howerd said that she is sending this request to the finance committee and expects a answer next month.

Public Input:

Tom Twig, Resident:
The beach is everything to the town. The sand should be picked up, screened and put back on the beach. It should not be thrown out. Some properties are total trash and should not be allowed in the town. One is on the corner of Forrest. Mayor. Howerda said that property is before the Construction Board.

Four pieces of mail regarding the Golf carts. One letter thanking Superintendent Josh Mill for speaking to the Frankfort High School students.

Minutes for April 18, 2023 Meeting unanimously approved

Bills unanimously approved

Council Member Reports:
Mayor Holwerda:
Finance met May 8th in a combined budget workshop. All departments within budget except DPW salary item which will be taken care of. Budget for 2023-2024 completed. DDA meeting held May 2nd. Working on water front with some sidewalk repairs. Business Incubator Taskforce met. DDA signs will be done in phases. Banners will go up for graduates soon on light poles. Some businesses will have banners… to recognize their years in the City such as Graceland and Ludkes.
Tree Board: Several new trees planted.
Grant Committee: not looking at a grant for Canon Park. Need to take care of the two grants out there already. Then will look at grant for Canon Park.

Brady Olsen:
Parks and Recreation Board/Public Safety didn’t meet. Airport Board met 4/27/23 but not a lot going on. Glider Club might come back the week of July 4.

Mary Ann Short:
Personnel met and discussed employee contracts. Planning Commission did meet and discussed agenda item to approve short term workforce housing. Coastal zone resiliency report provided. Fire did not meet

Mckenzie Stratton:
Water/Sewer and Marina did not meet. Housing met. Ms. Stratton suggests you drive up Grove St and see the are two houses up now. Waiting for approval from MHSDA about their concern that BLUA is so close to the lake. City owned land north of gateway village will not get approval as a wetland.

Mayor Pro-Tem, Daniel Walenta:
BLUA is fine. He get calls all the time about the smell. Walenta says from trucks when opened up for about 5 minutes.

Commissioners Report: (Full report available on line at this link:

Commissioner Karen Cunningham:
The Board had its meeting last week to set goals and strategic plan. They looked at road millage; a pilot for infants program in workplace. Environmental Committee; Members attending and it is good to get our voice out. They will be discussing the quality of water in future meeting. Public hearing May 18th on golf carts.

Department Reports: full reports on line at this link:

Old Business: None

New Business:
Committee Appointments:
Megan Garza: Planning Commission – 3 year
Bill Crawford: Tree Board – 2 years
Motion: Approved by all

Fire Chief contract: Fire Chief Cederholm’s one year contract
Motion: Approved by all.

Ordinance D-4 of 2023:
This ordinance is a Zoning ordinance amendment, adding definitions associated with seasonal workforce housing units. This is to help business community to add workforce housing units like RV’s etc… First in the state per Mayor Holwerda: Motion: Approved Approved by all

44 North BCBS Rate Approval:
Increase of 7.94%; City has saved quite a bit by moving to HRA reimbursement. Employees pay 20% of premium. Motion: Approved by all

Seasonal Employee Contracts: Motion: Approved by all

Prior Fiscal Year Funds: Motion: Approved by all

Platted Alleyway (Amendment): Superintendent Mills:
An Alley on the east end of town between Grove and Waverly Place has never been named. Thanks to the Frankfort Area Community Land Trust. Suggested that the alley be named Jay’s Place after Jay White who leads the Land Trust to provide workforce housing to the city of Frankfort. Motion: Approved by all

Public Input
US Coast Guard Award presentation:
Fire on the Coast Guard property on April 3rd. Still under investigation. Fire and Police were instrumental in saving the main property and boat house.

Certificate of Merit from Homeland Security and US Coast Guard presented to the Police Chief Lozowski and to Fire Chief Cederholm.

Member of community:
Asked if there were any building or variance requests?

Superintendent Mills:
Land use for an accessory building on Leelanau Ave. Deck and an addition to a dwelling.

Adjourn: 6:19pm

Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Taylor

ALL CITY OF FRANKFORT POSITIONS WILL BE UP FOR ELECTION NEXT YEAR!!!! We need Dem-friendly folks to run for office. Interested? Email us at: [email protected] We have people that can help and support you through every step of the process!

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April 18th, 2023Frankfort City Council Meeting
City of Frankfort City Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5 pm at 412 Main Street, Frankfort MI 49635
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call:
Joann Holwerda, Brady Olsen, Daniel Walenta, Marjorie Stratton, Mary Ann Short, Joshua Mills
Police Chief Robert Lozowksi, Fire Chief Mike Cederholm, City Clerk/Treasurer Christine Spence, City Superintendent Joshua Mills
Public Input:
Community member: Complimented council on getting agenda on line. He is opposed to golf cart ordinance due to significant safety items and the strain on police.
Community member from Frankfort Area Land Trust: Thanked council on support for construction. He said the Land Bank partnered with State Savings Bank and Honor Bank to create a short term investment which allows community members to financially support construction of their first homes through a 12-month CD’s with a return of 3.75%. He has flyers for anyone interested.
Mary Hahn: She read the final rule relative to ARPA funds. She said pandemic adversely affected the family dry cleaners and laundromat. It needs machine repairs. She is asking $28,256 ARPA to buy 2 Speed Queens from the ARPA funds.
Community member: He is against the golf carts ordinance. He is also concerned about short term rentals. Would the council consider long term rentals if city would help with taxes?
Liz Dubroski: Has a lot of questions about golf carts. She asked about insurance liability to city? Golf carts are meant for golf courses. Did the council do a a traffic study?
Bob Johnson: Town resident all his life. Mayor for 10 years. Golf carts belong on golf course not in town. Needs to be discussed more thoroughly.
Steven: He has spoken with 20 people in town and not one is in favor of golf cart ordinance. He doesn’t know what the benefit would be to the city and requested the council vote no on ordinance.
Community Member: She is not in favor of the golf cart ordinance. She provided information from the Villages in Florida that said three people died with accidents with golf carts. Another death in Naples with 9 people on one golf cart. When will there be a hearing on the golf cart. Joann said not set yet.
Correspondence: see agenda
Minutes and Bills approved
Council Member Reports: ALL REPORTS ONLINE:
Go to: government/minutes, agendas and packets/city council minutes.
JoAnn Holwerda Major:
All departments within budget except DPA due to salary. Discussed use of ARPA funds for another police vehicle. Grant Committee did not meet. DDA met. Chamber will be in the Monument building next to Shell station.
May 7-13 is restaurant week. Going ahead with a redevelopment plan for the Ludtke property. April 28th is tree planting for Fr Marquette Park.
Brady Olsen:
Public Safety met. Discussed seasonal positions with police. They have had one applicant. Recreation Board met. Two topics… Bellows /7th street project grant $150K with a match for a bath with flushable toilets and ADA accessible dock with kayak launch. Dog Park near boat launch area—moving ahead with that. Wrought iron fence instead of chain link but need to to look at cost. These two projects will be based on donations from public. Airport Authority met. Tree project on runway should be finished soon with some landscaping. Hangars leased to 100%.
Airport manager spoke: Glider club 99% sure they will come back after July 4th.
Mary Ann Short: Personnel did not meet. Planning Commission met. Fire didn’t meet.
Daniel Walenta, Major Pro-tem:
BLUA; moved 850,000 gallons of sewage this month.
Commissioner Karen Cunningham:
Minutes will be posted on line. She reported that the board has been going over strategies for county with 3-5 main focus points. Will be discussing more. She heard that the following are the concerns from residents: Protecting natural water, child care, cybersecurity for the county and a variety of things in infrastructure. Michigan is doing an infrastructure survey and wants resident input.
Frankfort Land Trust looking for an Executive Director.
Clerk/Treasurer Christine Spence:
Celebrating 3 anniversary dates. Budget workshop has begun and going smoothly. All taxes have been received by Benzie county.
Superintendent Joshua Mills:
Capital improvement project – meeting with Elmers. Repair sidewalks on M22 to Maple and up Maple to Michigan. Need to restore the grass. Lake Michigan bathroom update.. going through construction drawings and getting close to bidding out. He will look at getting those online. Bellows park bath will be gender neutral. Mark Square update: plant rain garden areas. Pickle ball court expansion is big topic. Obtained proposal to convert one tennis court to two pickleball courts.. 55K to do yet only have 35k.. a good start. Two employees of Paul Oliver want to do a life jacket project at beach. Earth Day Thursday with schools. Sidewalk bids to take care of bad spots. Fr Marquette Park- A local person bought a piece of land for 3.2 million with 3 million to Harbor Lights and 200k retained by city. Harbor Lights will take care of the mowing for the next 4 years.
Police Chief Robert Lozowski : See report online.
Fire Chief Mike Cederholm: See report online.
He reported that runs are up over last year. Drone arrived on April 12th. Developing a drone task force. Hazardous material training in March.
Old Business:
Short term rentals policy: Ms. JoAnn Holwerda said the policy will be amended as we go along. It is a guideline. All policies have to be approved by whole council. Motion made/seconded. Approved by council. The policy is on the website
Re-introduction of Golf Cart Ordinance:
Motion made/seconded. Discussion followed: Walenta wants to table the whole thing until further research. Olsen: Bike accidents are 10 fold over golf cart ordinance. Short: Will parking be improved by golf carts? It may help with parking, was the response. Did anyone speak to the DDA? Holwerda believes that will be addressed at the public hearing. Olsen named several communities that have golf cart ordinances and no issues. Holwerda visited Mainstee. 71 registered golf carts and no incidents. No issues in Pentwater either. Ludington has had one incident. Stratton would like a traffic study. Olsen said the attorney said traffic study would be a waste of money.
Roll call: Walenta : No.. everyone else said yes. A public hearing will be set soon on the Golf Cart Ordinance. The ordinance draft is on line.
D-3 of 2023 Sidewalk Café Ordinance: Motion to adopt/Second. All said yes.
New Business:
4th of July Fireworks Permit:
Fire Chief not in favor as it is currently worded. Needs to state specifically that no fireworks allowed past the elbow. Motion for permit with the addition of no fireworks past the elbow on the Frankfort North breakwater. Seconded. Passed all in favor.
Anderson, Tackman, and Company Audit Contract:
Auditor for 23 years. Received a 3 year Contract extension letter. Motion/seconded. All in favor-yes
Annual and Seasonal Tote Charge:
$14.88/month per tote. Administrator fee goes from $4-$4.50. Motion/seconded. All in favor- yes
DNR Cooperation Mutual Aid Fire Control Agreement:
Motion/Seconded. All in favor -yes
Garden Theatre Charitable License:
Needed for fundraising. Motion/Seconded. All in favor – yes
2023 Marina Manager and Assistant Manager Contracts:
Manager 3% increase. Motion/Seconded. All in favor – yes
Amended Sharp BP Lease Agreement: Motion/Seconded. All in favor – yes
Public Comment:
Kelly Haynes: Asked if there is an update on the Canon Park and Josh Mills said no as the grant as scoring didn’t permit it. She appreciates the beach bathroom update but could the drawings be placed on line? She appreciates the transparency. She said it is great that council doing public hearings on the golf cart ordinance even when a public hearing isn’t required.
Citizen: Supports the concept of the dog park but opposed to location.
Nancy Reid: Golf cart ordinance: She is concerned that bikes don’t obey traffic laws and that golf carts will do the same.
Citizen: She gave $500 to dog park and thinks students raised more than that. A reserve of a bit more than $1000 per treasurer.
Todd Bruce: Golf cart ordinance – He is indifferent to it but appreciates that council recognizes that you have to make hard decisions. He asked if there is a non profit who could accept donations for city projects. Mills replied that there is a recreational 501c3 in the city.
Adjourned: 6:37pm
Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Taylor
ALL CITY OF FRANKFORT POSITIONS WILL BE UP FOR ELECTION NEXT YEAR!!!! We need Dem-friendly folks to run for office. Interested? Email us at: [email protected] We have people that can help and support you through every step of the process!
February 21, 2023 —  Regular Council Meeting – AMENDED
412 Main Street
Frankfort, MI 5:00 p.m.
Call Meeting to Order at 5:00 pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call : Major JoAnn Holwerda, Brady Olsen, Mary Ann Short, Mackenzie Stratton, Major Pro-Tem Daniel Walenta, Christine Spence, Robert Lozowski, Mike Cederholm, Joshua Mills
Request to Appear Before Council: None
Public Input: (3 minutes)
Fitness center is being sold. Try to keep it here. Could someone contact Munson to try to keep it here?  Holwerda commented that Munson is trying to get a partner. But there is a new fitness center in town. Citizen: It is not like fitness center currently here. It isn’t for elderly. And citizen still thinks we do not need golf carts running around city streets. Mills: Heard hospital may keep the fitness center open. Holwerda: Will follow up on this.
State Senator, Jon Bumstead is announcing the opening of the district office. He will provide contract information and a listing of committees he will be serving.
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Grant Award Letter.
Purchase of 25 New Frankfort Fire Department helmets.
Purchase of 2 expression swings to be placed at Mineral Springs Park.
Benzie County Office of Emergency Management, Rebecca Hubers:
Recognition of Officer Joel Hutchinson.
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Grant:
Unable to designate request for funds to purchase 3 Stalker radar speed indicators.
Suz McLaughlin: Commented that she has Short-term Rental concerns. Holwerda said McLaughlin’s concerns will be handled by a policy development. Have received a lot of comments.
Approval of Minutes
Special Council Meeting – 01/10/23 : Approved
Regular Council Meeting – 01/17/23: Approved
Special Council Meeting – 01/23/23 : Approved
Approval of Bills- Approved with roll call vote
Council Member Report (* indicates chair/council representation)
Councilwoman, Mayor JoAnn Holwerda – Public Safety, Finance, Recreation Board, Grant Committee, Tree Board, DDA:
She didn’t want to read everything unless board had questions. She wants to take part in the discussion with DDA on hosting the Iron Man race for three more years.
Tree Board:
Two trees up front are very messy. One in memory of a family and have to consult with family before removing. Smelly and dirty. Some businesses have to constantly sweep in front of their businesses, so may need to take a look at that.
Councilman Brady Olsen:
Public Safety committee has not met. Will set a March meeting. Recreation Board has not met; March meeting on the books and then through December as lots going on.
Airport Authority:
Meeting last month. See trees removed on Carlson Road. Next phase of trimming fall of 2024. Next meeting this Thursday at 7pm. Heard nothing about the ‘thing’ that flew over. Marina Authority nothing said.
Councilwoman MaryAnn Short:
Reported that the Finance committee did not meet.
Planning Commission, Presentation on coastal . Open bids in August on bathroom. Fire Advisory
Water & Sewer/Solid Waste Committee did not meet.
Marina Authority:
Potential salary increases
Housing Commission:
Went to Honor to see affordable housing. Holwerda: Talked to architect about the Frankfort housing… change in roofing and heating. Very nice units. Plans to begin renting in June.
Councilman Daniel Walenta:
Water & Sewer/Solid Waste, Airport Authority, BLUA- Everything running fine
Commissioner Karen Cunningham:
Reported that it was a very busy week. Looking at ROBIN grant which deals with internet for businesses and citizens. Make sure your business/house is a dot on the web site. Will affect grant that the county could receive. Go to
to see if your house/business is a dot on the map. If your house or business is not a dot on the map, email  [email protected] and put your information in the email to get your house/business on the map.  It will help the County apply for grant to have this information on businesses and homes. Do by the 24th of February.
The commissioners have multi-county committees. One or two commissioners went to all the committee meetings. Now split it up quite a bit. Karen has the environmental regulatory committee and the Northern Michigan Associations of Counties – 33 counties which is a brainstorming committee always looking for ideas to spotlight our county.
Department Reports
Christine Spence, Clerk/Treasurer:
Reported Shannon had 21th anniversary here. She goes over and above so please thank her.
Budget time is approaching! March 1st is the goal date to have everything out. Taxes accepted until end of month. After that date pay to Benzie county by March 14th.
Still looking for an appointment on that board…
At Grow Benzie 2/22/23 a conversation was held regarding Housing North on recent housing legislation. On 2/24/23 there is a webinar regarding that legislation.
March 3 Iron Man meeting 9-11.
Paving pricing secured. Winnebago Street left to do. Hope to secure funding from MDOT. Show work on Winnebago to get dollars for Michigan Ave. Holwerda thinks James St should be number 1 and Mills agreed. Elmers to finish up work on Park, Maple and Pine. He will have Elmers price out paving also. Mills trying to secure grant dollars. Sidewalk work to be done. M-22 and Maple to be done.  DPW and fire to work together to repurpose a mutual aid vehicle into a portable hydrant.
Police Chief:
Gave commendation to Hutchinson also. It is his third one since joining in 2018. Incidents up by 2 this month.
Fire Chief:
Training at Loon lake this weekend. All disciplines were there. 23 members now. Run report : Chief gave run numbers. Response time is 5 minutes. Grant from Band of Ottowa Indians for helmets. AFG 2 M Grant due the 10th.. put a grant in for ladder truck. Working with elementary students teaching them about winter safety. Preschool program contacted him and had a zoom with parents and talked about fire safety. Hosted Rotary Club at station. Fire Advisory board went over well.
Old Business:
Rec Center is gone. Apologies from Bay Area recycling for taking so long.
New Business:
Committee Appointment:
Holwerda appointed Cal to a three year term.
Disbursement of SRO Funds to Benzie County:
Spence Benzie County took over SRO. Need a motion to move the millage money ($192,084) to Benzie County for the SRO program. Approved
City of Frankfort Marina Rates:
Mills reported rates for dockage for 2023 season. Same as last season. Approved.
AAA Traffic Safety Grant:
Lozowski Approval to apply for this grant. 3 stalker radars. $13,390.11. Assign to problem areas. Pole mounted.
The Finance Committees Recommendation for 2021/2022 cash to Prior Year Reserve:
Holwerda- reports that the audit is done. Over 65K in cash left. Move 50K in to prior year reserve.
The Finance Committee:
Recommendation for Purchase of the SRO Vehicle – Spence paid for with the prior year cash with new radio.
Seasonal Part time Police Officer
Lozowski reported that we have always had summer help except the last two or three years. New position would be 30 hours a week. Part of expense come out of this year. And include the remainder in 2023-24. Chief: Position would be 25 weeks. April 3-Sept 22- but that may change. 30 hours per week. $20.50/hour.
Recreation Passport Grant Resolution for Bellows Park:
Mills reported that they were awarded $150K grant ( 3 year cycle) to develop restroom at Bellows Park and kayak launch. Watershed group wants a boat washing station for invasive species. Olsen wants to know the science behind it before doing anything with washing station.
Spence reported that there are carry over vacation hours for Chief Lozowski. Tabled. More discussion between clerk and Police Chief about number of hours.
Holwerda reported that there are additional expenses of $1,800 where needed to complete the project for the Bay Area Recycling for Charities, Inc. Didn’t know about concrete roof at bid time. Approved
Holwerda reported that they need to rescind the Land Swap with Luedtke Engineering Originally we were going to swap land for dog park between BLUA and East Shore but land is too swampy for a dog park. Approved.
Fire Department reported that want to convert the fire station bay areas to LED lights. Would cut bills to switch to LED. Two bids received back. Lowest $10,300 was from Blue Water Electric. Approved.
Public Input: (3 minutes per person)
Dale Charters:
Light replacement: what is the recoupment? Chief.. pay itself off in 3 years. Much better light.
Karen Cunningham:
Pavement on Winnebago and James Streets? Joshua Mills said they are in phase three and doing Winnebago. Seeing if grants with the State will tie Michigan Ave in with that.
Citizen asked if permits for short term rentals transfer in the sale of homes???? Holwerda said that they do not transfer upon sale of home. Holwerda said signed ordinance is online in section 7403.8 It explains it very clearly.
Meeting adjourned at 6:17pm
Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Taylor

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