Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editors of our local and regional publications tell our community where we stand on key issues, what we believe in and value, and what actions they can take. To write an effective letter to the editor, keep these points in mind:

  • Your letter has two audiences: the publication’s editor and its readers.
  • Editors value civility and verifiable facts.
  • Readers value statements and stories they can relate to on a human level.
  • Take a human, relatable approach and use data sparingly, but be sure you can back up your claims with facts. Editors may ask you to.
  • Whenever possible, relate your topic to local concerns, e.g. childcare, affordable housing, etc.
  • Know and follow each publication’s specific rules about word count, how to submit, how often to submit, and how to identify yourself.

Benzie Democrats and friends regularly write letters to the editors of our area publications which are then also featured on our Facebook page. Several samples of past letters can be found here.


Benzie County Record Patriot
(Send an email with Letter to the Editor in the subject line. Be sure to identify yourself with full name and city/town of residence. Do not exceed 350 words)

Traverse City Record Eagle
(They will call you to verify that you submitted the letter. If you don’t get the call, they won’t print your letter. 200 word max.)

Northern Express
(Their stated policy is to only print letters that are “in conversation” with the paper, i.e., on topics that have been addressed by their columnists, etc. This is not 100% adhered to, but they do avoid letters re: individual office holders.)

Manistee County News Advocate
(Same publisher as Record Patriot. See guidelines above)

Leelanau County Enterprise

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