Dems Election Nov. 26


Instead, we’re hosting a doubleheader at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26a general membership meeting to elect a new Executive Committee, and then an open critique and discussion about what we did and did not do right during this year’s campaign, with Benzie voting and social media stats from Aubrey Parker. So, enjoy an early dinner, come by Headquarters for coffee, tea, and some nice deserts, and together we’ll set the course for our next year. We’re happy to say that we’ve already recruited a few new good people for the Executive Committee, but it might be even better with you.

Thank You-Thank You-Thank You!

Thank you local, state, and national candidates!

Thank you hardworking Benzie Dems volunteers!

Thank you voters!

While we did not win everything we wanted; we won some, and that wouldn’t have happened without people like you.

The following pdf file shows Benzie County unofficial Nov. 6 election results.Click here.

Note that all three of the ballot proposals we supported won and we have gained one county commissioner!


“…if there is low voter turnout, right-wing Republicans are going to control the House and the Senate. But if turnout is large, if young people and working people across this country are as motivated to vote as were those who were at our meetings yesterday, then Democrats will gain control of the House and the Senate. And if we do that, we can change the country. But I am here to tell you that we cannot sit back and think someone else will do this for us. We have to do it ourselves.” — Senator Bernie Sanders


CLICK HERE to find a job opening and schedule that suits you.

You can also email all your like-minded friends with the following link to our 2018 ballot page. The state GOP has done away with straight-ticket voting, so having this info in the voting booth is more important than ever. It also provides info on the bottom of the ballot: the nonpartisan ballot section and the three important proposals we need to vote on.