“…if there is low voter turnout, right-wing Republicans are going to control the House and the Senate. But if turnout is large, if young people and working people across this country are as motivated to vote as were those who were at our meetings yesterday, then Democrats will gain control of the House and the Senate. And if we do that, we can change the country. But I am here to tell you that we cannot sit back and think someone else will do this for us. We have to do it ourselves.” — Senator Bernie Sanders


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You can also email all your like-minded friends with the following link to our 2018 ballot page. The state GOP has done away with straight-ticket voting, so having this info in the voting booth is more important than ever. It also provides info on the bottom of the ballot: the nonpartisan ballot section and the three important proposals we need to vote on.

Support Sam!

Michigan Democrats are supporting two strong candidates for the Michigan Supreme court: Samual (Sam) Bagenstos and Megan Cavanaugh.

These races appear on the nonpartisan section of your ballot, which is also where the 3 citizen sponsored ballot proposals appear, so don’t foget to fill it out.

The state Supreme Court and Attorney General races are more important than ever this year; a time when the president is doing all he can to pack federal courts with far-right conservatives.