Thank You-Thank You-Thank You!

Thank you local, state, and national candidates!

Thank you hardworking Benzie Dems volunteers!

Thank you voters!

While we did not win everything we wanted; we won some, and that wouldn’t have happened without people like you.

The following pdf file shows Benzie County unofficial Nov. 6 election results.Click here.

Note that all three of the ballot proposals we supported won and we have gained one county commissioner!

Go for a big 2018 bang!

Show up our Sat. Sept. 16  meeting. After our tasty, complimentary koffee klatch (treats and quality java) at 9:30 a.m. we’ll be hangin’ with Hannah! That’s Hannah King of Cheboygan. She’s paid by the state party, but works for us. As a veteran rural county Dem, she knows what we do and don’t need from Lansing to turn back the sad tide that’s upset us so since November.  If winning progressive representation  means anything to you, join us Saturday.

Also available Saturday for your signature: petitions for Debbie Stabenow, anti-gerrymandering, and legalizedmmarijuana. Benzie Dems HDQ is right next to the Cherry Bowl Drive-In.

Other news:  Office is redecorated with some comfortable furniture and we’ve got a healthy computer, fast wi/fi, good digital sound and projection, better phones, an improved website, and more people power: a near record number of paid-up members and a cool new recruitment brochure to help us double that. One hundred folks are coming to the 9/17 Honoree Dinner, and new new people are trained up on the MI Dems voter data base. We look forward to having you join us! You’ll be encouraged that Dems are going back to the grassroots to save our country from permanent oligarchy.

Need a little musical inspiration? Try this rare and tasty track: H.P. Lovecraft’s terrific version of Let’s Get Together.

Jim Dulzo, Carroll Volpe, Mike Ross, Chair & Vice-Chairs, Benzie County Democratic Party

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Check Out Our Headquarters

Our headquarters is open — stop by for a visit!

For the 2014 election and beyond, the Benzie County Democratic Party in June opened a headquarters in Honor and has now announced expanded office hours for the election season. The office is at 9330 Honor Highway (U.S. 31) between Shirley’s Salon and the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theater. The space, renovated by volunteers, is being used for public contact, meetings, and special events. Information on candidates, the Democratic Party, and items such as shirts, hats, and signs are available there.

Volunteers are needed to staff the office between now and the election. All hands welcome — please volunteer as much as you can. If interested, please stop by, email, or call.

Benzie County Democratic Party office location:
9330 Honor Highway (U.S.31) Honor, Michigan
Office Phone: 231-325-0008


Office hours:
Monday, 10 am to 4 pm
Tuesday, 4 to 8 pm
Wednesday, 9 am to noon
Thursday, 6 to 8 pm
Friday, 9 am to noon
Saturday, 10 am to 1 pm
Sunday, closed