Walks for Dan Scripps

August Community Walks for Dan Scripps

  • Tuesday, August 9: 4-6 pm, meet at Benzie Dems HQ
  • Tuesday, August 16: 4-6 pm, meet at Lake Ann Brewery
  • Friday, August 19: 4-6 pm, meet at Lake Ann Brewery
  • Sunday, August 21: 12:30-2:30 pm, Homestead, meet at Benzie Dems HQ
  • Tuesday, August 23: 4-6 pm, Meet at Storm Cloud Brewing in Frankfort
  • Sunday, August 28: 1-4 pm, Homestead, meet at Benzie Dems HQ
  • Tuesday, August 30, 4-6 pm, Homestead, meet at Benzie Dems HQ

Benzie County Convention on Aug. 13

The Benzie County Convention will convene on Saturday, August 13 at 10 am at the Benzie Democrats headquarters on U.S. 31 in Honor. Registration is  9:30 am to 10 am.

The purpose of this Convention is to elect persons to be considered for committees at the state convention and to consider resolutions and platform suggestions to be forwarded to the State Party. These must be submitted to party chair Ray Nichols, by 5 pm Friday, August 12 (Email raynick@charter.net).

Convention Delegates shall be the Precinct Delegates duly elected on Aug. 2, 2016, the nominees for County and Legislative office as set forth in Party Rules Article 5 C, and members of the Michigan Democratic Party whose membership was renewed at least thirty (30) days prior to the County Convention or by July 14, 2016. Precinct Delegates, Democratic elected officials, and Democratic candidates for public office may become state party members when they register at the County Convention.

The “Big Push” Event

The Big Push
Sunday, August 28
4–7 pm
Bayview Grille, 727 Main St. Frankfort

“The Big Push,” a social and fund-raising event for the Benzie County Democratic Party will be Sunday, August 28, 4 to 7 pm at the Bayview Grille on Main St. in Frankfort. Democrats and friends of the party are invited to the gathering. Donations will support local party efforts to get out the vote and otherwise meet this year’s election goals.

Party chair Ray Nichols will be master of ceremonies. Light appetizers will be served and there will be a cash bar. Donations to the party are “checks only” at the door, because cash cannot be accepted.

Big Push Flyer