• Our Votes ARE Secure!

    The endless media coverage about the 2020 election may have you wondering about the integrity and security of our voting system. There is no reason to be concerned — and…

  • Support Benzie Broadband May 24, 9 am!

    For a detailed look at the status of broadband in Benzie County, as well as a call-to-action to make sure our Board of Commissioners take the right actions to ensure…

  • Great Reasons to Stop by Benzie Dems HQ

    There are a lot of great reasons to stop by Benzie County Democratic Headquarters! We have multiple CRITICAL petitions that need your signature.  We have accurate information on local issues…

  • Bergman and the Democracy Destroyers

    Our “own” Jack Bergman is one of the crowd of democracy destroyers who jumped on the bandwagon to perpetuate “The Big Lie,” disproven repeatedly, that Trump won in 2020. Moreover,…

  • Let the Redistricting Commission Hear from You!

    As you may know, a commission of private citizens has been appointed to redraw the heavily gerrymandered lines of Michigan’s voting districts. The commission is still accepting input via their…

  • A prescription to cure us of Bergman? Meet Dr. Bob!

    Meet Dr. Bob Lorinser, a man with a plan to give our current, severely deficient Congressman Jack “MIA” Bergman a real run for his money. Yes, he’s a physician, a…

  • Anti-Voter Bills In MI Senate: Summary

    Michigan state legislators have introduced 39 bills that restrict citizens’ voting rights, harm election administration and demonstrate a lack of knowledge of existing election procedure and law. They are summarized…

  • Check out our new YouTube channel!

    In our continuing effort to keep our members and friends informed, and to share expertise on key issues, we have created our own channel on YouTube where you will find…

  • What happens if we DON’T save the Earth?

    David Wallace-Wells paints a terrifying picture of the future in his #1 New York Times Best Selling book, The Unhabitable Earth, Life After Warming. From Goodreads: “In his travelogue of…

  • Women’s History: One Great Read

    The history of women around the world is one of both centuries of oppression and the triumph over formidable obstacles. In honor of Women’s History month, we’re sharing an award-winning…

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