Dec. 2! Sign Up to Speak Up for FAIR Voting Maps

Help Bring Fair, Non-Partisan Districts to Michigan!

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) has revised several maps to make voting districts fairer — but they’re still falling short.

This Thursday, Dec. 2, is our opportunity to use Zoom to urge MICRC commissioners to pick the fairest choice when they vote at the end of December. Naturally, Republicans are organizing around the maps with the highest Republican advantage. That’s why we need you to comment NOW, and not wait until the end of the month.

We are, inch by inch, moving the commissioners toward partisan fairness, but we’ve got to keep up the pressure or risk being the default minority party for the next ten years.

Here are the Meeting details: 

Thursday, December 2 beginning at 10 a.m. at G. Mennen Williams Building, A.G. Auditorium, 525 W. Ottawa St., Lansing, MI

Sign up now to speak virtually:  Virtual Registration closes at 9 a.m. Thursday.

First to sign up are the first to speak, and each person’s comment is limited to 60 seconds.

Here are the key talking points: (the maps are named after trees)

In the Senate, Linden and Cherry are much better in terms of partisan fairness than Palm which has a high Republican bias, and is the most unfair map in front of the Commission.

In the House, Hickory has the best partisan fairness scores of the three options and the most majority-Black districts.

Consider these additional points to round out your 60 seconds: 

Partisan Fairness:

    The people of Michigan passed Proposition 2 because we wanted independent commissioners to draw fair maps.

  • All of the Commission’s state House maps lean to the right, giving Republicans an unfair advantage. Your job isn’t done until you fix that.
  • Under your House maps, Republicans are winning before ballots are even counted.
  • Partisan fairness is not a nice thing to have if you can get it — it is your Constitutional duty.

Voting Rights Act:

  • The Voting Rights Act is meant to help voters of color elect representatives of their choice, so that those representatives can make a difference in the legislature. Cracking Black communities and tilting the playing field toward the Republican Party fail on both counts.
  • Racial justice and partisan fairness go hand in hand. You need to do better on both.

Vote No on Unfair Maps:

  • VOTE NO ON PALM! The Palm Senate map is the worst choice in front of you. It is extremely biased and unfair.
  • None of you should vote to approve ANY map that gives a disproportionate advantage to a political party. Please veto unfair maps — vote NO on anything but the fairest map on December 30th.

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